Terms & Conditions
VIP Bonus Points Reward Scheme ("Scheme") is applicable to our Hong Kong Main Store and all Health Care Centres only.
VIP Bonus Points will be credited to VIP member's account according to his/her spending at Yue Hwa Main Store and all Health Care Centres in Hong Kong, and awarded to the member's account within 1 day from the time of transaction.
VIP Members must present VIP Card for accumulated points redemption for cash rebate.
No VIP bonus points will be awarded for purchase of such products/services entitled to our other benefits, or when the VIP member is also a member of our other programs, simultaneously.
VIP bonus points and/or the benefits of any kind of offers as granted by our Company are personal to our individual VIP member and cannot be transferred to any other VIP member or person.
Individual VIP Card account is provided under the Scheme. All such bonus points reward offered is not exchangeable or transferable.
Bonus points reward shall not be redeemed for cash.
Should any request for refund be made, transaction details and the products purchased from our store must accompany the original invoice for necessary procession in accordance with our refund policy; otherwise, no such request for refund will be entertained. In this connection, the relevant amount of deduction must be made instantly from the aggregate accumulated bonus points. Should the aggregate accumulated bonus points be insufficient to meet with such deduction, then the refund cannot be made in cash, but by our credit note which can be used for making purchases in our Hong Kong Main Store and all Health Care Centres.
According to the VIP Bonus Rebate Scheme, as long as the VIP membership is valid, VIP bonus points can be earned and accumulated for every year, the expiry date of which is 31st of March. Then, VIP bonus point will start accumulating anew from 1st of April every year. Therefore, the accumulated VIP bonus points reward must be redeemed by the end of every year, i.e., before 31st March of that year, as they cannot be brought forward to the ensuing year.
All accumulated VIP bonus points are finalized in accordance with our computerized system records.
All VIP Cards are the property of our Company. The VIP bonus reward ratio can be modified any time at our Company's sole and absolute discretion.