Company Profile
Company Background

Since its establishment in 1959, Yue Hwa's commitment to the Hong Kong community has served to consolidate its position as one of the leading retail groups offering Chinese and other quality products.

We have expanded our operation to serve not only the needs of our local consumers, but also tourists and travelers from abroad. It is our goal, as one of the well-established retail groups in Hong Kong, to supply consumers with a diversified range of Chinese products and other brand-names in accordance with our stringent standards of quality and affordability.

From its early beginnings, Yue Hwa has managed to prosper throughout the territory in an increasingly competitive environment. With our determination to succeed, we have grown from a single small-sized department store in Hong Kong in 1959 to an extensive network of department store, and over a dozen specialty stores in the territory are managed by our subsidiary company, TCM Limited. Moreover, we have since opened two department stores in Singapore, as well as branching out to property investments as far afield as Beijing and Vancouver, Canada.

Ever since the flagship department store opened at the junction of Nathan Road and Jordan Road in 1976, Yue Hwa has utilized its 80,000 square feet of retail space with effectiveness, filling its shelves with the finest Chinese products. Likewise, Yue Hwa's other Travel Essentials concept store and a chain of specialty stores are all situated in prominent locations and with a frequent pedestrian flow. Of course, Yue Hwa's position in the marketplace was not achieved overnight. From the first day of its establishment, Yue Hwa's management has striven to keep abreast of development in consumer tastes as well as sourcing the best quality Chinese products available.

Our Mission

As we look ahead, our aim is to nurture a trusting relationship where we understand our customers, allowing us to serve and to better fulfill their consumer requirements. Upon these foundations and always keeping abreast of the trend, we hope that your support and patronage could be continually counted upon in our endeavour towards building a prosperous future.

From exquisite Chinese arts and crafts, genuine and rare traditional Chinese medicinal herbs like Xizang cordyceps (Dong cong xia cao), raw ginseng, antler and birds' nests, famous Chinese tea, authentic Guizhou Mao Tai wine, precious jewellery, beautiful embroidery, fine silk and elegant brocades to simple daily necessities, Yue Hwa has always offered its customers a wide variety of goods, quality assured.

Mr. Yu Kwok Chun, Chairman and Managing Director
Jordan Main Store
At the heart of Yue Hwa's efforts is a commitment to satisfy the needs of its Chinese consumers. With a department store, a Travel Essentials concept store and over a dozen specialty stores in Hong Kong, Yue Hwa is in an enforced strategic position to achieve this end. The Group's ambitious diversification programme is taking shape, which will serve to enhance its reputation in the industry, as Yue Hwa advances confidently and steadily towards the future.